‘Secrets of Happiness’

This is a very basic list, available to anyone, and at times may be easier said than done. It is not just for yogi’s but one that is easy to remember and practice when it is possible:

1. Keep skid chains on your tongue; always say less than you think.

2. Make promises sparingly, but keep your promises faithfully, no matter what it costs you.

3. Never let an opportunity pass to say a kind and encouraging word to someone.  Praise good work, no matter who did it.

4. Show your interest in others. Let everyone you meet feel that you regard him/her as a person of importance.

5. Be cheerful.  keep the corners of your mouth turned up. Hide your pains, worries, and disappointments under a pleasant smile.

6. Keep an open mind on all issues. Discuss but don’t argue. It is possible to disagree in a friendly way.

7. Let your virtues speak for themselves and refuse to talk about another person’s vices. Discourage gossip. Make it a rule to say nothing unless it is something positive.

8. Be careful of other people’s feelings.

9. Pay no attention to cutting or critical remarks about you; live so nobody will believe them.

10. Don’t be too anxious about getting what you deserve.  Do your work faithfully, and you will be respected and rewarded.